Ad Server for Agencies

Track and monitor your media campaigns

With Ad Server for Agencies you can create campaigns and take tags to send them to different media. Also, manage your advertisers, implement different formats and get metrics and stats.


Get thousands of metrics on your campaigns: impressions, clicks, single users, users’ geo and technological data, viewability, among others.

Conversion Tracking

Compatibility with Other Tools

We work with an automatic counting macro insertion, which allows us to synchronize clicks and impressions tracking among different ad serving tools and thus reduce human errors.

Display, Rich Media and Video

Our formats are HTML5 and responsive so they can be seen properly in any device. Make fan of our Rich Media gallery and include in your Media Kit the largest gallery on the market!


How many of your impressions are actually viewed? Our advanced viewability metrics allow you to know the real success of your branding campaigns.

Video Support

Track and control your video campaigns thanks to our support for VAST, VPAID and VMAP!

Use important traffic only

Our support for passbacks allows you to impact only in the traffic your advertisers are interested in.

One tag, many campaigns

With our Tag Rotation tools you can show several campaigns with just one tag. Send one code to media and maximize your traffic now!

Everything you do, do it better

We create innovative and personalized solutions for the online advertising industry