Programmatic buying in the main LATAM media

E-Planning DSP is the best tool to reach the largest media and audiences in LATAM. Create your campaigns, manage them and get real stats. Reach your audience at the right time and place at the best price.

Premium Publishers

Access to LATAM, USA, and Europe Premium Publishers’ traffic.

Optimum Price

Our algorithms of artificial inteligence allow you to calculate the optimum price for each impression, making the most out of the assigned budget.

Premium Publishers
Advanced Targeting

Target campaigns per thousands of criteria, as sites, audience, geo, device, time and even retargeting!

Display, Rich Media and Video

There are no limits as for the number of formats permitted. Show display, Rich Media and video in mobile and desktop!

Advanced Stats

Use our reports to know your audience and where your inventory impacted the most in detail.

Everything you do, do it better

We create innovative and personalized solutions for the online advertising industry