Rich Media

High Impact Formats

Rich Media is the starting point to create hundreds of high impact ad formats for desktop and mobile. Video, audio, interactive and integrated to social media are just some ad types we have available. More, they have advanced metrics as reach and viewability.

Customizable Gallery

Our gallery is 100% customizable so you can have your Media Kit up to date.

Expert Team

We have an Expert Team in Rich Media solutions ready to meet all your needs and solve your issues.

Flexibility and Innovation

We develop our own formats, which allows us to adapt each ad to our clients’ needs and create innovative formats all the time.

Cross-Device and Responsive

We work with HTML5 and responsive ad formats so they can be properly seen in any device.

Advanced Stats

All our formats offer advanced stats, like viewability, amount of real ad views, percentage of video play views, mute / unmute interaction, etc.

Cross-Device and Responsive

The Largest Ad Gallery on the Market

Visit our gallery and discover all our formats


Ad Studio is our high-tech tool to create Rich Media ads. Discover exclusive and innovative formats now!

No Technical Experience

No technical experience is required to use Ad Studio. Our tool is 100% drag & drop, you only need to drag and drop components in your ad.

Main Features

You can add videos, image galleries, YouTube videos, integration with social media and interactive components!

No Technical Experience

Everything you do, do it better

We create innovative and personalized solutions for the online advertising industry