Ad Exchange

Boost your revenue through premium advertisers

E-Planning Ad Exchange is the leading programmatic hub in Latin America to access different demand sources in real time through RTB.

Largest Hub in LATAM

We connect Premium Publishers with the main demand sources in display, Rich Media, mobile and video. We work with more than 200 DSPs all around the world.

Expert Team

Our expert team is composed of Account Executives, Yield Analysts and Programmatic Specialists passionate about optimizing, maximizing your revenue and assisting you to improve your monetization strategy.

Largest Hub in LATAM
Server-to-Server Connection

We are directly connected to multiple DSPs all around the world, which allows us to hold auctions in real time and drastically reduce reply times.

Dynamic Priorities

E-Planning Ad Exchange can be configured holistically (dynamic priority) and compete with other demand sources directly, ensuring ads with greater revenue are always displayed.

Fully Configurable

Configure the minimum prices you want to auction per site, space and country. Also, you can block advertisers, categories or types of ads.

Safe Ads

We work hard to control our ecosystem so that ads are adequate and meet our publishers’ quality standards.

Real Time Reports

Get real time reports with info on your revenue based on different criteria.

Private Deals

Hold Private Deals with the largest DSPs and monetize campaigns directly through RTB.

Everything you do, do it better

We create innovative and personalized solutions for the online advertising industry