Full Stack Ad Server

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E-Planning Full Stack Ad Server offers cutting-edge targeting and inventory management tools and is directly integrated to E-Planning Ad Exchange, offering you access to premium demand sources.

Advanced Campaign Targeting

Target your campaigns per thousands of criteria, as geo, audiences, device, language, connection type, carriers, time and behavior! Reach the right audience and take the most out of your inventory.

Advanced Stats

Get personalized reports, combining multiple variables and measure the success of your campaigns in real time. More, export your reports and offer your advertisers a powerful tool to track the effectiveness of their advertising strategy.

Advanced Campaign Targeting
Integration with Multiple DMPs

We are directly integrated with different DMPs, as BlueKai, Navegg, CXense and TailTarget

Inventory Planning

Our Inventory Planning tool allows you to know the available inventory for a new campaign in real time

Asynchronous Tags

We work with asynchronous tags to avoid they interfere with your site load.

Easy Implementation

Our implementation is really fast and easy! You only need to add some tags to your site and you are ready to go! Doubts? Our support team is always at your service to help you make the right thing!

Behavioral Targeting and Retargeting

Track conversions in your advertiser’s site and impact users again or show ads to users who showed interest in a campaign before.

Multiple Sale and Delivery Options

Don’t limit yourself to CPM! Use other options like CPC, CPA and CPV! More, define how your impressions will be allocated through the campaign to better reach your goals.

Ad Viewability

Track your ad visibility (viewability) and even show CPV campaigns.

Integration through API

Use our API to get reports and data on your campaigns or integrate E-Planning with other systems like CRMs or Big Data.

Specialized Support Team

Our Support Team will always be there to help you

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