Private Marketplace

Create Private Deals directly

With E-Planning you can hold Private Deals directly with more than 200 DSPs. More, our team will be by your side to help you configure, manage and track your Private Deals.

More than 200 DSPs

Access PMPs creation directly in the whole E-Planning Ad Exchange network

Passionate Support

We know the creation of a PMP may be a headache sometimes. Our support team is passionate about helping you during the whole process.

More than 200 DSPs
Targeting per Multiple Criteria

Create segmented packages of different shapes, as if working with a company directly.


Our team will not only help you activate and set your PMP, but it will be by your side during the whole optimization process until you get the best results possible.

Get New Advertisers!

We create deals and leave them in an open purchase, for new advertisers to get access to your inventory through preferential packages

Everything you do, do it better

We create innovative and personalized solutions for the online advertising industry