Video Player

The most flexible and customizable Streaming platform

With E-Planning Video Player you can manage and deliver videos with the highest efficiency while integrate directly to E-Planning Ad Exchange to monetize your video inventory automatically.

Quality Adapted to Bandwidth

We deliver your videos with HLS to adapt their quality to users’ available bandwidth to ensure an immediate and non-stop visualization.

Multi-City Nodes

Our data centers located in multiple cities allow us to serve your video from the nearest place your user is located thus giving more speed and and a better experience.

Quality Adapted to Bandwidth


We have increased the volume of video play views and our revenue as well. We are very happy to have E-Planning by our side! ITEM_VIDEO_PLAYER_PERSONALIZABLE_TITLE

Lisandro Conticello

Digital Performance Manager

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Create thousands of video players and customize every one as you like with different options, colors and logos. ITEM_VIDEO_PLAYER_YOUTUBE_TITLE


Import and export your videos automatically with just one click

Integration with Social Media

Users can share your videos in their social media profiles like Facebook or Twitter


Connect with E-Planning Ad Exchange directly to monetize or manage your inventory with VAST and VPAID tags


Get metrics of video play views and view time per date, video or tags, among others.

Video Player Exclusive Support

Contact our expert Support Team 24/7 to help you and give you the best options available.

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