20 years enlightening the digital ecosystem

Since 1998 we have been marking the right path to help publishers and agencies innovate and incredibly grow thanks to our top-notch digital solutions. With more than 20 years in the market, we have become not only a leading Ad Server but also the largest provider of technological tools that along with our programmatic hub help clients optimize their monetization options on a permanent basis.

  • EPL Media

    EPL Media

    We opened our Trading Desk so that premium advertisers could access selected traffic in the region.

  • Header Bidder

    Header Bidder

    We launched our Header Bidding solution

  • E-Planning Ad Exchange

    E-Planning Ad Exchange

    We launched our programmatic buying platform.

  • Global Recognition

    Global Recognition

    We started operations in the most important countries worldwide between 2010 and 2012.

  • Guaranteed Quality

    Guaranteed Quality

  • Europe!


    We started operations in our office in Spain.

  • Expansion


    We started operations in our office in Mexico.

  • Always Creating

    Always Creating

    E-Planning Ad Server was launched. This integral, online ad campaign management tool quickly became the leading Ad Server in most of the countries where the company operates today.

  • Our Beginnings

    Our Beginnings

    In 1998 we launched bannerlandia.com, which was the first banner exchange program in Latin America. Moreover, in the same year, the company launched "ratings" - a traffic measurement service for websites.